Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Instagram Week #8

This is a very photo heavy post this week! I spent Monday-Thursday up north which was lovely for a break. On Tuesday Ashley and I went to Liverpool and caught up with my friend Sophie from University. It's only about fifty minutes away from where he lives which is ever so convinient. It was only the second time i've been to the centre and the first time was over four years ago when I was looking at universities. It's an amazing city and i'd love to go back soon - there's so much to see!

  • We spent most of the day at the Mersey Maritime Museum. I quite fancied looking at the Titanic exhibit and we wanted to go to one Sophie hadn't visited either. The sun appeared briefly and we had a pleasant walk down to the docks. 
  • The museum itself was massive; the first floor showed displays of the liners which also sailed around the same time as the Titanic. It then went onto the history of life at sea throughout the years before we came to the Titanic exhibit itself. We spent all afternoon wandering round, it was lovely to do something different and it didn't cost anything at all (except a voluntary donation!). 
  • Afterwards we went for a cheeky Starbucks and went back to Sophies for Scrabble and takeaway. I didn't win any :(. 

  • The next day we were off to Manchester nice and early. Ashley was off to work so i met Sophie again and Rose for a girly day. 
  • We started at North Tea Power, one of my favourite tea shops in the centre.  It has a lovely interior, decorated in lovely bits and board games on the side. They offer a huge range of teas and tasty coffee. I sat in there with my book (still A Clockwork Orange at the moment) until Soph arrived.
  • We planned to go on a mega shop but didn't get very far! We started with a look round Afflecks. If you haven't been before it's a building with a number of stalls and shops throughout. There's all sorts there such as American foods, alternative clothing, piercing, tarot reading, etc. I got a cat print bag and tried on a spotty green bodycon dress i'm slightly regretting not getting!
  • We then got lunch and perused Primark then it was time to meet Rose. We went to the beautiful Sugar Junction for coffee. Last time we tried to go it was fully booked but apparently the food is wonderful. It's got a lovely vintage feel which you can see in their choice of teacups (bottom right photo).
  • For dinner we went to the Black Dog Ballroom just across the road. The food was really good and we ended up getting a meal and a round of drinks free as a meal got dropped over Sophie!
  • After that we headed to the Odeon in the Printworks to see Mama. It was a jumpy horror film, not the best i've watched but good for a giggle. 
It was so great catching up with everyone, I think i could have spent a week in both and not got round to all the things i wanted to do. Next Saturday i'm off to Leeds which i'm so looking forward to. It still feels a bit uncanny being my former home and all.

How was your week?
Rose x

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