Friday, 1 February 2013

Time to change.

So here's a slightly more personal post from me. I'm half way through my gap year and have really enjoyed being back at home thus far. This year seems to be running away and I feel like so many things are happening.

1. The most recent being my best friend moving to Brighton. We had such a mad rush trying to get her all packed and off, its hardly hit me she has gone! I can't wait to go and visit her, i've never been before.

2. I got my third tattoo today. I've wanted it for so long and finally got round to booking it. It didn't hurt much having it done but does feel a bit stingy now. It's at the top of my right leg. I felt it was only right to get a rose eventually!

This is just the start of things to come.
What will change for you over the next year?
Rose x

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