Sunday, 10 February 2013

Small changes.

Whenever I'm stressed, the first thing I want to do is to eat unhealthily. As soon as I start, I find myself in a terrible routine very quickly. I'm no good when it comes to dieting but I find making little changes to my food crutches really helps

1(l-r) : I've always liked a really sugary tea and coffee. I've tried going without, but it just isn't the same. My housemate introduced me to Sweetex last year and so far they're the best sweetener I've tried. They do take a little getting used to as it is not the same taste as sugar but they are much better for you.
There's 15 kcal in one (4g) teaspoon of sugar opposed to less than 2 kcal in one Sweetex. On average I drink 5 cups of tea/coffee a day so 150kcal a day was purely on the sugar in my drinks!

2. Another coffee related one! As I mentioned above, I do drink a lot of caffeine. This seems to be worse when I'm stressed as its a comfort thing. Decaff coffee (or tea) is a good move if you drink as many as I do. It reduces the risks of caffeine headaches whilst still tasting the same.

3. I used to get 'nowhere near my five a day' guilt quite regularly. Now I always make sure I have some fruit along side breakfast. If I'm on a quick lunch break, I usually pop to sainsburys and they do these great little mixed fruit pots for £1. They're a good alternative to grabbing chocolate.

4. Crisps are my biggest vice. If they were calorie free I'd happily eat three or four packets a day! It's recently i've started studying the labels more carefully. Chilli heat wave Doritos contain : 162 kcal and a huge 8.2g of fat! Walkers Salt and Vinegar contain : 184 kcal and 11.9g of fat. I discovered the weight watchers crisp range which seemed like a good alternative. There aren't as many in a bag and there are one or two flavours I'm not too keen on but compared to the above their Salt and Vinegar Hoops contain : 77kcal and 0.7g of fat. You can get a bag of four for £1 in Poundland.

5. I really like these Actimel low fat yogurts . They're really tasty but only made with fruit sugar and sweeteners as opposed to sugar. If I fancy something sweet these do the job nicely.

6. Final vice - fizzy drinks! I was probably drinking at least three 500ml bottles of full fat coke a week. I really don't like the taste of the diet one but discovered i really like Pepsi Max! Even though I try not to drink as much as I was, I find Pepsi Max a fine alternative when I need a fizzy boost. Full fat coke contains : 210 kcal and ... 59g of sugar! This seems like a crazily high amount but on the label they only list the nutritional information for half a bottle. In comparison, 500ml of Pepsi Max contains : 2kcal and trace of sugar.

Overall, I feel better for the changes I've made so far and they've become part of my routine very easily.

What are your food vices?

Rose x


  1. Hey i'm your newest follower, I used to be addicted to diet coke and red bull and iv since started drinking green tea instead, its not been too difficult neither.

  2. Thanks for following! Green tea is so good for you, I like the green tea and peach.


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