Monday, 18 February 2013

New favourites

Over the last week or so i've picked up some new things to wear. Most shops are getting their spring lines in and I couldn't resist having a look.

Outfit one: This is a midi dress from New look (£14.99). They had a number of midi dresses, the ones i actually had my eye on were long sleeve and block colour. However the material on them was way too thin and even going two sizes above they were still too clingy for me. I thought £14.99 was fairly reasonable. I like how it can be dressed up or down. In the photo above i've teamed it with my new bargain green Doc Mrtens (£5.99 off eBay!) and some Primark peace sign earrings (£1.50 for two pairs).  I'd probably wear my denim jacket over the top with a canvas bag (providing the sun sticks around.)

Outfit Two: This one i've actually had a while longer. The jumper was another eBay find. It was originally from River Island but cost me £1.50. The skirt is a Topshop Petite and was around £16 if I remember correctly. The shoes i got in the New Look sale for £14 and are the easiest heel shoes to walk in. They're really confortable too and I love the Victorian boot style of them. I'd also wear black tights with this and my leather biker jacket.

I can't really label this outfit three but I wanted to share my find! This was £10 from Primark and i'm so pleased with it. It's really well made and i'm in love with the embroidery detail. I'm not 100% what to wear it with though! I'd be grateful of any suggestions.

Outfit Three: This is my £7 Cowboy dress from Asda Living. I stumbled across it quite accidentally and had to get it because of the print. It reminds me of the Cath Kidston cowboy range. I must admit the fit isn't brilliant around the waist but other than that I love it. I've been teaming it with my dark green polo jumper and New Look wedges.


  1. Those Doc's were a total bargain! Lovely outfits. xxx

    1. Thanks :D ! They're a bit worn but there's still some good wear left in them xx


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