Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Instagram Week #7

I'm slightly cheating with this one as these photos aren't actually instagrammed but my week was so quiet I didn't really take many photos. I had Ash staying for a couple of days and the rest of the time I was working. Next weeks post will hopefully be a bit more exciting as I'm off to Preston/Manchester/Liverpool (Hooray for a week off!). I'm also half way through a post about what I'm reading but it's on the back burner at the moment as I can't think.
1. This is me today, a bit tired and scruffy round the edges. I'm wearing my Cowgirl shirt with my Topshop blue skinny jeans and black forever 21 boots which I think go okay. I've also got my hair up which I never really do. I tried to be fancy and curl my hair this morning but it ended up a frizzy mess.
2. This is me and my boy before he left. I get so used to him being around after a few days it feels strange when he leaves. 
3. I finally rewatched this after buying it last summer! It's such a great film (and play). Marlon. Brando is a babe too.
5. I went for a peruse round the shops and stopped at Costa for a break. Did you know you can still get Gingerbread lattes even though they're not on the board anymore?
5. On Monday I wore my Topshop sale tunic with a black body con skirt and my black suede wedges. I really like it but it is a pain for riding up. 
6. On Thursday I had a night off so we went to Cafe Rouge for dinner. They have a set menu of £11.50 for a starter and main which is really quite reasonable. I had a steak burger and fries which was super tasty.

Rose x


  1. These photos are lovely! :) The food looks delicious! :) x Laura

    1. Thank you! It was very tasty :) would definitely recommend Cafe Rouge for dinner. x


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