Monday, 18 February 2013

My Instagram Week #6

A busy week at work for me! These photos are ones I took when I was enjoying my break between shifts.  

1. I picked up this magazine hoping it would get me in a creative mood. It has some great bits in, including felt animals (shown on the cover) and DIY heart and pearl collars.
2.  I babysat for my neighbour on Saturday night and this is Frank her 9 week old  sausage dog puppy. He's so small and cute and wants to play all the time.
3. I was just enjoying the sun the other morning. It's made me think about getting my more summery clothes out. Hooray!
4. I bought this a while ago and found I ended up with a lot of break outs after using it. I'm going to try and include it in my regime and see if the result is any better.

5. On Thursday I went to see Django Unchained. Even though it's pretty long (Just under three hours) I was gripped from beginning to end. It's quite intense and has a number of violent scenes but I would recommend it as one to see.
6. My phone case came! I was so pleased with how quickly it arrived. You can't really see in this photo but it has little Hello Kitty ears on the top. Including shipping this cost me just under £5 off eBay. 
7. I'm finally running out of my lovely vanilla coffee. It's part of a great instant range from Whittard. So far i've tried this and the caramel flavour and they're just so tasty. Only £5 for a jar.
8. It has taken me ages to finish this book. I kept putting it down and being too busy. However, it is amazing and a brilliant read. The parallells with our society today are quite uncanny. I've already started my next book 'A Clockwork Orange'. I've found it a little difficult to get into as the author substitutes alot of words with made up ones. It's getting easier the more I read though.

Rose x


  1. the phone case is so cute xx

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    1. Thank you ^.^ it's worth looking at eBay for them! X

  2. Oh dear your new phone case is adorable! xx


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