Monday, 11 February 2013

My Instagram Week #5

1. A pretty quiet week for me, mainly because I'm working on my personal statement. It's for a creative writing course which is super exciting, however writing this is not!
2. I finally got round to upgrading my phone and now have myself a lovely IPhone 4s. I've ordered some really cute cases which I'll post when they arrive.
3. I dyed my hair! Am still getting used to it at the moment as I had it red for so long. It's only a semi permenant so going red wont be too difficult if I decide to go back.
4. I've listed a load of things on eBay as its time to get saving for my this September. Click here if you want to look at what I've posted. Everything is starting at 99p.

5.  I love the picture from my Gemma Correll calendar for February. Valentines is only a few days away now and I have no romantic plans as Ash and I won't see each other. Instead I'm off to see Django unchained with my friend, I have a feeling we'll be the only non-couple in the cinema.
6. It was super cold this week and I was very grateful of my lovely Eco cup my sister got me for Christmas. It's so useful for on the way to work. Keeps my hands warm too.
7. This is the tunic I got from the Topshop sale for £7! I was coverting it last October but decided it was a little too pricey at £38. I'm so glad I waited as I think it'll be great during spring.
8. My Dad picked me up this little chocolate bunny the other day which means Easter is on its way. He's too cute to eat!

What did you do this week?
Rose x

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