Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Instagram Week #4

1. From Sunday to Tuesday morning, Ashley came to stay. It was so nice having him here and i was glad he could come to Ceri's leaving party with me on Monday. This photo we took after we got back. He usually pulls silly faces when i try and take photos so i'm pleased to have a nice one!
2. We went for a Pizza Hut buffet which was sooo yummy. I never used to be a fan of Pizza Hut food but their buffets are great. We had a 'Don't Open Me' envelope which we got last time we ate there. It was basically a guaranteed prize but we had to go back to the restaurant to have it opened by the manager. We were dreaming of a holiday but won a pudding instead!
3. I got a new duvet cover from Asda, spent my lazy Sunday making my room look all beautiful.
4. As i mentioned in my previous post, my friend Ceri moved to Brighton. We had a lovely time at her leaving do and i spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning with her getting things all sorted.

5. This is my new favourite lipstick. It's part of the Kate Moss for Rimmel range and i've worn it nearly every day this week. It's a dark purple/red colour on and has a matte finish. It also tastes like the sweets Nerds! I pointed it out to Mum a week or so before Christmas and she slyly bought it whilst i was there. However, she accidentally put it in my older sister's Christmas stocking! Luckily Nikki didn't think the colour suited her so i got it back. I'm so pleased i did.
6. So i've been a bit naughtier with my spends this week... i went shopping on Wednesday afternoon and picked up this cowboy print shift dress from Asda Living in the sale for £7. I couldn't resist it, it does seem a little long in the body and the print is a bit overpowering worn on its own. I teamed in with my green jumper today. I also picked up a denim shirt for £12 from New Look and the tunic i was coverting from Topshop (back in October!) for £7.
7. My mum spotted this coat in the Topshop sale for £35 reduced from £50. This picture isn't brilliant quality but it has faux leather sleeves with a khaki body. It's a bit cold to wear it on its own at the moment so i've had a hoodie underneath it. I love it.
8. Finally (another previous post mention), I got my rose tattoo! I'm so pleased with it and it's made me want to get another..

How was your week?

Rose x


  1. Looks like you had a lovely week! This week I was a bit naughtier too and spend a little bit more than I should ups... Your tattoo is beautiful, I've been wanting to do my second one for a long time now, I may do it on my birthday! xx

    1. Birthday tattoos are so much fun! Go for it.


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