Saturday, 16 February 2013

MUA magnetic nail varnish

Earlier this week I went for a wander round town. I've been getting city shopping withdrawals as our town has so few shops. I ended up in Superdrug and looking at their MUA range. I've heard lots of positive things about these products and thought it was time to give something a go. This nail varnish is also the first magnetic polish I've tried. They had a few different colours and pattern results but this appealed to me best.

MUA magnetic nail varnish : squiggle effect £2.00 Superdrug

The first time I put this on I made a royal mess because I didn't leave enough time to do it properly. The instructions suggest two coats (which is definitely necessary for a good colour result).  You must apply the second coats individually and then hover the magnet on the lid over your nail. The closer you can get it the better result. I kept accidentally touching the magnet with my first attempt! 

I really like the over all effect! I think it's great value for money and I've had loads of compliments about the unusual effect. The picture below shows the nails I did first, they didn't come out brilliantly but I imagine that's getting used to the application rather than a fault with the product.

Has anyone tried anything else from the MUA range?
Rose x


  1. I never tried any magnetic effects nail polishes but I really need to, they make amazing effects! So pretty! xx

  2. These are beautiful babe :D xx

  3. I love your creativity when it comes to fashion

  4. Ooooooo! That looks good! Will be checking out some of that in future...

  5. :) they're worth a try at £2 each. I want to give the other colours a go! X


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