Saturday, 9 February 2013

A new lease of life.

I've mentioned in my previous posts about my selling on eBay. In the past i've been terrible for hanging on to things I don't wear or use just incase I might ever need them. Needless to say my drawers and room were cluttered! I like the idea that the clothes that weren't right to me went to someone who would love them better than me! As well as this declutter of the unworn I've also promised myself i'd only get well fitted items. Unfortunately, in many stores petite ranges can be more expensive so eBay seemed the perfect place to have a look. Before my enforced clothes ban (it's still going strong at the moment) I used some of the money i'd made to buy more. It feels like a good way of recycling! Here's what i got :

Topshop Petite Polkadot dress £5.50 + 3.00pp

                                             Topshop Velvet Dress : £11.00 + £3

Topshop Petite Aztec dress £7.50 + 2.50pp

Topshop Petite Silver Dress : £11.00 + £3.50pp

If you haven't bought clothes off eBay before i'd recommend :
-Checking the feedback of the seller before bidding. It'll let you know if they have a history of poor shipping time or inaccurate descriptions.
-If you're bidding on something with an occasion in mind, contact the seller to ask if it will arrive in time.
-If the picture is of bad quality or the item is creased - don't bother. If they can't be bothered to present it well, it will most likely have been cared for in the same way.
-Most sellers will put on the listing if something is damaged. If you receive something with an issue that was't mentioned then you have every right for a refund.
-Make sure you're aware of the condition - people have different ideas when it comes to description!

Rose x


  1. Aww I absolutely love the first dress, it's so cute and summery! xx

    1. Thanks so much :) it's one of my favourites xx

  2. I do adore Ebay too! It's so addictive though! xxx

    1. It is so addictive! A great way to recycle clothes though :) xx

  3. I thought it was just me with an eBay addiction, iv just wrote out an eBay post a few hours ago ready to put up tomorrow, I recently got some trousers for 50p! I need to go get a move on and list my stuff before the free listings end tonight.

    1. What a bargain! Haha yes I'm an eBay addict for sure!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I've had some good wear out of it already xx


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