Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What i wore today

Today was my second day off. I managed to post a load of eBay things, shop and make a huge fish pie! I've got nearly three weeks off and i'm determined to be productive. Yesterday was a write off but i did manage to put together a to do list. My other aim during this time is to be as economical as possible. My outgoings already include : A dentist bill, car MOT, phone bill, rent and car insurance.        
I'm still finding whatever i can to put on eBay too to add to my depeleting funds! Here's what i wore for my keep warm productive day.
Hat : Primark
Jumper: New Look
Dress: Primark
Lipstick: Soap and Glory

I haven't worn this jumper and dress together before but i think i quite like how they look. I also had a vest top and two pairs of tights on - it was so cold! I like the idea of layering up but when it comes to it i actually feel like a mini Michelin man!
The dress i got in Primark at least a year and a half ago now. I can't remember the exact price but i'm pretty sure it was under £10. I love how it can be worn all year round. I also bought the same one in pink with a black collar, but haven't really worn it as it clashes with my hair. It might be time to stick it on eBay.

I've been thinking of a few ideas to reduce unnecessary spending.  I started today by buying my food shopping at Aldi and got lots of veg to make freezable soups, stews etc. I frequently go out to eat so i'm hoping having it all ready made will put me off doing that! I'm also imposing a clothes ban until the next time my wages go in and won't spend any on make up unless something runs out. I'm going to check my bank regularly too so i'm concious of my outgoings!
Have you got any money saving tips for me?
Rose x 


  1. this is a really darling look my dear and i wish you the best of luck with your sales on ebay. i have been thinking of doing the same as well. i think you are off to a good money saving start. i do not think i would be strong enough to obey a clothing ban personally. sadly i do not really have any great tips but i wish you lots of luck!

    xx rae

  2. Thanks so much! The clothes ban has been hard to keep to so far, but it has made me dig out things I haven't worn in ages.


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