Friday, 4 January 2013

What I wore today.

It's been so long since I last did one of these posts that I don't even have one on this blog page. I've been staying at my mums for the last week and I'm running out of things to wear! 

Coat : Primark £18
Scarf : Urban Outfitters £6
Bag: Cath Kidston Received as gift 
Blouse : Primark £10
Jeans: Topshop Petite bought from eBay for £3.40
Boots: Forever 21 £35

The boots and bag I got for Christmas and I've worn and used them so much already. The blouse I was really pleased to rediscover at mums this morning. I was originally wearing it with a skater skirt but dropped primer all over it!
 My dad is a serious eBay seller, he told me that in the last few weeks before Christmas hardly anything second hand sells. That is when I got my £3.40 nearly new jeans! Because of my size, I struggle to find any that fit well and usually end up paying £40 for new Topshop petite. I'll definitely be checking eBay first in future! I also got a Topshop dress for £10 which is still in the shops for £38. I'll post a photo sometime soon.
Rose x

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