Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stationary fiend.

Another picture post from me! I've got three more substantial draft posts just waiting to be finished on my blogger dashboard. I'm hoping to have those up over the weekend. In the mean time, this is just a quick post about some lovely bits I've been lucky enough to get recently.

1.  This first one is a writing set I picked up from after Christmas for thank you letters. It was £5 from Paperchase for 31 sheets and 15 envelopes - which I think is pretty reasonable! It also came with stickers and the envelopes are designed too!

2. I received this Cath Kidston diary as a Christmas present but I think it's available on Amazon. I love how small it is, I always need it in my bag with my shifts changing week to week. I actually received three diaries this Christmas : one was a Simons cat one and the other was from Paperchase. I really liked them all and this one won because of the convenient size!

3. This is my writing journal from Paperchase. It was around £6 (if I remember correctly) and is so useful. It has 4 dividers which gives me chance to keep my ideas seperate. I have a section at the back purely for work on grammar and punctuation which is useful for quick reference.

4. This lovely mini note set I received for Christmas off my mum! I love the way it has little envelopes and three different prints. I find myself finding excuses to write them.

5. Lastly, is a sticker set given to me by my step mum. It's from the White Stuff but I have no idea how much it was! Every page is different and there's stickers for everything from letters to birthday cards to books!


  1. I love stationary so much! Thanks for commenting :) Followed!
    Katie xx


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