Sunday, 20 January 2013

Love love love.

Valentines day is a a holiday with mixed reactions. Ash and I don't really fuss about it and try to make sure we do nice things every so often instead. We always get each other a card though and I've saved the ones from the two years we've been together. I like how they remind me of those times in our relationship. Where I live now has few shops so I've been looking online for a nice card . I thought I'd share what I found incase you need a little inspiration!

If you haven't been together long..

1. Gemma Correll for Paperchase : £2.50 . I like how quirky this one is - Haven't seen any other like it.

2. Etsy - seller : Julieannart. £2.59 . Funny and light hearted.

Something cute..

3. Etsy - Seller : Julieannart: £2.59 . Another from . If you haven't seen the site before it's worth a look - there's so many home made cards. I love how simple this one is.

4. Etsy - seller: FlytrapOne. £2.91 . Another handmade one. This is a little soppier!

Anti-Valentines : Couples

5. Etsy - seller: Rowhouse14 : £2.75 . A nice mix of anti Valentines and telling someone you love them.

6.Etsy - seller: Letterhappy : £1.94 . Pretty reasonable for the price and comes in a choice of colours.

Anti-Valentines : Single

7. Etsy - seller : DesignGeek : £3.00 . Cute design- not sure who i'd give one of these to though!

8. Etsy - seller : MardeyMabel : £3.00 . This card doesn't mess around.

Single Awareness Day:

9. Etsy - seller : Julieannart: £2.59. I nearly used the sub heading 'Mean cards'. This would be a fun one or a friend.

10. Etsy - seller : Mardeymabel : £3.00 . I don't even know what to say about this one! It made me laugh though.

How will you spend your Valentines day?

Rose x


  1. I only just remembered about Valentine's coming up soon the other day - really like all of these cards though! They are a little different from the norm which is fun! xxx

  2. Thanks for your comment! I like the different ones too xx

  3. These are sweet! I love Etsy for cards, handmade is always best :) Thanks for the inspiration! xx

    1. :) I could spend ages browsing through Etsy! So many lovely things xx


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