Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 - A year in photos.

2012 was a fantastically busy year. When It began I still had a term of university left and I couldn't picture what was going to happen next. Here's 12 things which shaped my year.

1. Last January I visited Cape Verde, Africa. It's the furthest I've ever travelled and the weather was beautiful! I can't believe this was a year ago.
2. I took a mini trip to Amsterdam with two of my bests. I had an amazing time and it's made me want to explore more this year!
3.  I handed in my dissertation. When I was working on this it felt like it would never be finished. I opened it for the first time a month or so ago but couldn't bring myself to read it again just yet.
4. This was taken at  a BBQ me and my housemate had in the summer. I miss so many people from uni, everyone is spread out around the country now. I suppose it's an excuse for more trips though!

5. I took this after moving back to Stratford in July! It was scary and exciting, it felt like I was starting over.
6. Not long after i'd moved, I was back in Leeds watching one of my favourite bands Listener at the Brudenell Social Club. 


7.  Ashley and I went to Blackpool on a mini adventure. We went to this American burger bar one of his friends recommended and the portions were huge! I had this picture with the giant Mickey Mouse after being defeated by a massive burger.

8. On my birthday, My sister and Mum  took me to see Sudeley Castle -former home of Henry VIII's last wife Catherine Parr. It was beautiful and the exhibits were so interesting.
9. One of my school friends has been a student at the University of Bath for four years now and i finally made it to see him. We visited the roman baths which is where I took this. I really want to go back to visit the fashion museum there.

10.In August i started working at The Royal Shakespeare Company. I'm still there now and I love it! Every shift is different and it's such a positive atmosphere. I'll be sad when it's time to move on to other things

11. I moved in with my Dad.
12. I celebrated two years with my lovely boyfriend! We spent the day together in Manchester, shopping and visiting our favourite places. We went to North Tea Power and had amazing cake. At the moment we live two and a half hours apart and i miss him very much.

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  1. congratulations on 2 years! Its so sad you live so far apart :( Lovely blog xx


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