Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Instagram Week #3

1. The rain has made a good job of washing away the snow, It was fun while it lasted but nice now to get back to normal. I made snow dogs!
2. Painted my nails using Topshop 'Gypsy Nights'. I've had it for a while now but still use it regularly. 
The photo doesn't really do it justice.
3. I started making things from The Cute Book again. Such lovely and easy patterns!
4. I finally tried one of the Cadbury Eggs with the little spoons. They're so yummy.

5. On Thursday i went to a Harry Potter party! I made my outfit out of a school jumper from Asda (£4) and a Griffindor badge off eBay (£2.59).
6. This is the birthday card i got for Emma off Etsy - such a cute design!
7. Ashley got me a 3DS for Christmas and i've recently got into Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It's so addictive.
8. Lastly, i spent Saturday night at my cousin's birthday party, It was so lovely to see so much of my family,

How did you spend your week?

Rose x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Love love love.

Valentines day is a a holiday with mixed reactions. Ash and I don't really fuss about it and try to make sure we do nice things every so often instead. We always get each other a card though and I've saved the ones from the two years we've been together. I like how they remind me of those times in our relationship. Where I live now has few shops so I've been looking online for a nice card . I thought I'd share what I found incase you need a little inspiration!

If you haven't been together long..

1. Gemma Correll for Paperchase : £2.50 . I like how quirky this one is - Haven't seen any other like it.

2. Etsy - seller : Julieannart. £2.59 . Funny and light hearted.

Something cute..

3. Etsy - Seller : Julieannart: £2.59 . Another from . If you haven't seen the site before it's worth a look - there's so many home made cards. I love how simple this one is.

4. Etsy - seller: FlytrapOne. £2.91 . Another handmade one. This is a little soppier!

Anti-Valentines : Couples

5. Etsy - seller: Rowhouse14 : £2.75 . A nice mix of anti Valentines and telling someone you love them.

6.Etsy - seller: Letterhappy : £1.94 . Pretty reasonable for the price and comes in a choice of colours.

Anti-Valentines : Single

7. Etsy - seller : DesignGeek : £3.00 . Cute design- not sure who i'd give one of these to though!

8. Etsy - seller : MardeyMabel : £3.00 . This card doesn't mess around.

Single Awareness Day:

9. Etsy - seller : Julieannart: £2.59. I nearly used the sub heading 'Mean cards'. This would be a fun one or a friend.

10. Etsy - seller : Mardeymabel : £3.00 . I don't even know what to say about this one! It made me laugh though.

How will you spend your Valentines day?

Rose x

My Instagram Week #2

1. I'm very pleased with my Gemma Correll 'Pickles Parade' calendar. I picked it up at a calendar stall for £3.50 . Cute pugs and cats for every month!
2.  My super soft hot water bottle Dad bought me for Christmas. Essential in this weather.
3. Making my way through my Christmas chocolate, Hello Kitty lolly pops nom.
4. My girly pink nails using Nail Inc 'Warwick Avenue' for the base and Topshop 'Tingle'.

5. From Thursday to Saturday I was up North visiting my boy. 
6. We were going to go to Manchester but the snow was too heavy so instead we went to Winckleys in Preston. They do the best coffee and cake!
7. Once again, i was the Crash Team Racing champion.
8. Ahem, so I may have failed on my budget plan already. I couldn't resist a cheeky nandos! I definitely miss living close to one. Hope they build one here soon.

Hope you've all had a good week and kept safe and warm.
Rose x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What i wore today

Today was my second day off. I managed to post a load of eBay things, shop and make a huge fish pie! I've got nearly three weeks off and i'm determined to be productive. Yesterday was a write off but i did manage to put together a to do list. My other aim during this time is to be as economical as possible. My outgoings already include : A dentist bill, car MOT, phone bill, rent and car insurance.        
I'm still finding whatever i can to put on eBay too to add to my depeleting funds! Here's what i wore for my keep warm productive day.
Hat : Primark
Jumper: New Look
Dress: Primark
Lipstick: Soap and Glory

I haven't worn this jumper and dress together before but i think i quite like how they look. I also had a vest top and two pairs of tights on - it was so cold! I like the idea of layering up but when it comes to it i actually feel like a mini Michelin man!
The dress i got in Primark at least a year and a half ago now. I can't remember the exact price but i'm pretty sure it was under £10. I love how it can be worn all year round. I also bought the same one in pink with a black collar, but haven't really worn it as it clashes with my hair. It might be time to stick it on eBay.

I've been thinking of a few ideas to reduce unnecessary spending.  I started today by buying my food shopping at Aldi and got lots of veg to make freezable soups, stews etc. I frequently go out to eat so i'm hoping having it all ready made will put me off doing that! I'm also imposing a clothes ban until the next time my wages go in and won't spend any on make up unless something runs out. I'm going to check my bank regularly too so i'm concious of my outgoings!
Have you got any money saving tips for me?
Rose x 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stationary fiend.

Another picture post from me! I've got three more substantial draft posts just waiting to be finished on my blogger dashboard. I'm hoping to have those up over the weekend. In the mean time, this is just a quick post about some lovely bits I've been lucky enough to get recently.

1.  This first one is a writing set I picked up from after Christmas for thank you letters. It was £5 from Paperchase for 31 sheets and 15 envelopes - which I think is pretty reasonable! It also came with stickers and the envelopes are designed too!

2. I received this Cath Kidston diary as a Christmas present but I think it's available on Amazon. I love how small it is, I always need it in my bag with my shifts changing week to week. I actually received three diaries this Christmas : one was a Simons cat one and the other was from Paperchase. I really liked them all and this one won because of the convenient size!

3. This is my writing journal from Paperchase. It was around £6 (if I remember correctly) and is so useful. It has 4 dividers which gives me chance to keep my ideas seperate. I have a section at the back purely for work on grammar and punctuation which is useful for quick reference.

4. This lovely mini note set I received for Christmas off my mum! I love the way it has little envelopes and three different prints. I find myself finding excuses to write them.

5. Lastly, is a sticker set given to me by my step mum. It's from the White Stuff but I have no idea how much it was! Every page is different and there's stickers for everything from letters to birthday cards to books!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Instagram week #1

1. Pokemon cross stitch I need to make!
2. Wet weather watching from the tower.
3. My super Mario backpack
4. Snugly with my tea and book
5. My beautiful set of mugs from Ashley
6. The cross stitch napkins I'm working on
7. Cosy cat feet!
8. Getting settled in my new room!

Hope you've all had a good week too! 
Rose x

A new favourite - Soap and Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick

Soap and Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick in Red My Lips : £9 from Boots

The Soap and Glory brand was founded in 2006  as a company mainly producing women's bathing products. Since then, they've released a men's range, skin care and more recently make up. Ranging from £5.00-£11.00 in price, the products I've tried thus far have been long lasting and good quality for the price. I saw the lipstick when looking for Christmas presents and the shade appealed to me above all the others. It's nicely dark without being too heavy in consistency. There's also no need for frequent reapplication! On it's described as having 'lip plumping technology. In honesty, it's not something I'd noticed but the 'soft dewy finished' described is definitely true of the product.
Has anyone else tried Soap and Glory cosmetics? What did you think? 

Rose x

Friday, 4 January 2013

What I wore today.

It's been so long since I last did one of these posts that I don't even have one on this blog page. I've been staying at my mums for the last week and I'm running out of things to wear! 

Coat : Primark £18
Scarf : Urban Outfitters £6
Bag: Cath Kidston Received as gift 
Blouse : Primark £10
Jeans: Topshop Petite bought from eBay for £3.40
Boots: Forever 21 £35

The boots and bag I got for Christmas and I've worn and used them so much already. The blouse I was really pleased to rediscover at mums this morning. I was originally wearing it with a skater skirt but dropped primer all over it!
 My dad is a serious eBay seller, he told me that in the last few weeks before Christmas hardly anything second hand sells. That is when I got my £3.40 nearly new jeans! Because of my size, I struggle to find any that fit well and usually end up paying £40 for new Topshop petite. I'll definitely be checking eBay first in future! I also got a Topshop dress for £10 which is still in the shops for £38. I'll post a photo sometime soon.
Rose x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 - A year in photos.

2012 was a fantastically busy year. When It began I still had a term of university left and I couldn't picture what was going to happen next. Here's 12 things which shaped my year.

1. Last January I visited Cape Verde, Africa. It's the furthest I've ever travelled and the weather was beautiful! I can't believe this was a year ago.
2. I took a mini trip to Amsterdam with two of my bests. I had an amazing time and it's made me want to explore more this year!
3.  I handed in my dissertation. When I was working on this it felt like it would never be finished. I opened it for the first time a month or so ago but couldn't bring myself to read it again just yet.
4. This was taken at  a BBQ me and my housemate had in the summer. I miss so many people from uni, everyone is spread out around the country now. I suppose it's an excuse for more trips though!

5. I took this after moving back to Stratford in July! It was scary and exciting, it felt like I was starting over.
6. Not long after i'd moved, I was back in Leeds watching one of my favourite bands Listener at the Brudenell Social Club. 


7.  Ashley and I went to Blackpool on a mini adventure. We went to this American burger bar one of his friends recommended and the portions were huge! I had this picture with the giant Mickey Mouse after being defeated by a massive burger.

8. On my birthday, My sister and Mum  took me to see Sudeley Castle -former home of Henry VIII's last wife Catherine Parr. It was beautiful and the exhibits were so interesting.
9. One of my school friends has been a student at the University of Bath for four years now and i finally made it to see him. We visited the roman baths which is where I took this. I really want to go back to visit the fashion museum there.

10.In August i started working at The Royal Shakespeare Company. I'm still there now and I love it! Every shift is different and it's such a positive atmosphere. I'll be sad when it's time to move on to other things

11. I moved in with my Dad.
12. I celebrated two years with my lovely boyfriend! We spent the day together in Manchester, shopping and visiting our favourite places. We went to North Tea Power and had amazing cake. At the moment we live two and a half hours apart and i miss him very much.