Tuesday, 9 October 2012

10 things.

I've decided to start my new blog off as if it were the beginning again . I'll soon have my layout back the way it was and hopefully spread the word to former readers about where to find me.
I've also had some thought about the content and have decided to use this page for some of my mini articles to as well as day to day updates and reviews.

As my first proper post, I wanted to reintroduce myself properly incase this is the first time you've found me . So here's a list of the basics:

  •  My name is Rose and I'm 22.
  •  I work for a theatre currently and spend a lot of my time watching shows and drinking tea.
  • I love to write both creatively and article based.
  •  I'm only 4ft 9" - hence my name - Pipsqueak!
  • I'm a history geek and like to wind down with a good documentary or book (Currently working my way through Mary Boleyn : The Infamous Whore)

  • I like fashion and am on a constant mission to find things that fit well and spend a little as possible.
  • I love to sew and try out DIY.
  •  I live in a small town and I've recently graduated from university
  •  I'm a stationary horder
  •  I'm not sure what i want to be just yet, but i hope writing will be a big part of what i do.

I hope to update again soon and get the ball rolling properly. In the mean time please feel free to comment ( I need to find blogs to follow again)

Rose x

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